project: not all diamonds are cursed

In the project, we are asked to keep an object journal with different means of reflecting ourselves on what we have encountered everyday.

01 17 Nov 2016, drwaings on sketchbook, blind contour drawing/ LULU, an opera

02 18 Nov 2016, sound files, editing of several layers of classes records

03 19 Nov 2016, paper, pencil, images, a response to the family I met on that day
The way you lead me, the way I follow you. You seems to be in front of me, but not. You're just the outline I tried so hard to capture with pencil.

04 20 Nov 2016, wrapping paper, daily consumption records in London. 07. 09 - 20. 11. 2016. the collection of receipts since I came to the UK (which is the first time I am in the europe, the second foreign country I have been to).

05 21 Nov 2016, texile, thread following the lines in 2 dimension without intention

06 22 Nov 2016, textile, thread

07 23 Nov 2016, brass, a response to a pocket of negatives I found in Deptford Market
A brass disc, as simple as those negatives. Whereas, if you really look at it, you'll notice that this is not just a disc. It's an object that you can find something you've never notice -d but arround you while you see through the TINY hole. They're special while you notice them. They're special while you think of them. They're special while you remember them.

08 26 Nov 2016, textile, thread following the lines in 3 dimension without intention

09 27 Nov 2016, a piece of nylon thread, paper, ink, different shapes of a thread

10 29 Nov 2016, paper, pen, thread, a response to the public hearing of homosexual marriage in Taiwan (A) Write down the words I heard, the messages I received, the thoughts I want to record it down.

11 30 Nov 2016, paper, pen
Those fragments I won't forget. /grandparents' house in my memory Those fragments I forgot. /you in my memory

12 01 Dec 2016, series of images of planes which passed through my window within the day

13 02 Dec 2016, a post-it with "message" in english, misunderstanding of a text

14 03 Dec 2016, marker, window, tracking the path of planes by their contrail once they appeared outside of my window until I could barely see them.

15 04 Dec 2016, paper, pen, thread, a response to the public hearing of homosexual marriage in Taiwan (B)
All the words vomitted from their mouths, either positive or negative, were kept and restricted carefully within the "YIN-YUAN-XIAN", a taiwanese ritual object for blessing people to have a good relationship.

16 06 Dec 2016, found object, removing rusted surface of a duplicate Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus Juicer

17 07 Dec 2016, rope, a respone to a television documentary series

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